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Action is a program that is contributing to curb mass migration by offering families the opportunity to stay in their home country and undertake their own business to be able to sustain themselves.
This is the entrepreneurship program of the Living Heritage Foundation, which with a holistic approach, provides families with seed capital, as well as the opportunity to create sustainable business models and learn from the experiences shared with other families to determine their path to success.
Associate families are part of the program for 3 years, the goal is to provide sustainably and through empowerment, an opportunity to create their sources of income avoiding being forced to consider the alternative of migrating irregularly to other countries.


ACTION is currently supporting more than 50 people. These families meet weekly to receive information on health, education, leadership and teamwork, business, spiritual strengthening, nutrition, agriculture, and food safety, among others.
Our goal is to help each family overcome their current circumstances, offering them a way not only to subsist but to develop within their community, expanding their knowledge in the work environment in which they operate, being able to prosper, have a good lifestyle and succeed.
María (a pseudonym used to maintain her anonymity) is a 42-year-old single mother with three children and two grandchildren, all living at home, as well as one of her siblings, who is disable and suffers from HIV.
Nowadays after living a series of misfortunes and surviving based on her effort, she is a member of the ACTION program and thanks to the seed money provided by this program, she has been able to start new businesses and expand some that she had previously done.

Among the productive activities carried out are butchering of pork meat to sell it and its derivates, raise chickens to sell the meat, grow vegetables, welding workshop, and marketing of chocolate. Maria is a fighter that has excelled in the program, showing us how productive people can be by receiving support in their projects.

People like her with the desire of overcoming can improve their lives, expanding and building with their job a better future not only for themselves but also for their families.