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Health in action Program

This consists in medical journeys, offered voluntarily by various groups of foreign doctors, to help preserve the health of people from different rural communities, who do not have access to a hospital or health center, serving patients effectively, providing patients with a symbolic value per consultation, receiving medications for free. Our goal is to provide health services in rural communities that do not have them, allowing people to visit a doctor for patient care or for general checkups and diagnosis of chronic diseases. A prevention area is also promoted in which the inhabitants of the community are trained in meetings where they socialize informationwith the medical team, building mutual knowledge.

In our society, due to pollution and difficult living conditions and poor diets of the people of various communities we support, there are more and more health problems, which makes them populations at risk due to the lack of adequate services to diagnose and treat diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney problems, stomach, respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, tumor formation, congenital pathologies, etc. Therefore, HELATH IN ACTION organizes medical journeys as an alternative to improve the health of people within the communities and be able to be diagnosed and treated according to their needs or conditions.
This program has been implemented through 10 years in 20 communities in Southwestern Guatemala, providing treatments to support more than 6,000 people with chronic and common conditions such as influenza, dehydration, infections, parasites among others. The foundation provides follow-up to critically ill patients to verify that they fully comply with the treatment as directed by the doctor.

HEALTH IN ACTION supports special critical cases, providing them with the costs of laboratory tests, diagnostic tests, surgery and treatment. For approval and prioritization, these cases are evaluated through socioeconomic studies.

The health programs are directed to rural communities and have an unquestionable constructive role in placating human suffering and reach areas where they do not have the resources nor access to health services (medications, health centers, hospitals, etc.).

During a medical journey held in Mazatenango, specialists During a medical day in Mazatenango, the specialists who carried out this campaign determined that Francisco suffered from a tumor that was lodged in his ribcage, warning that they should remove it as soon as possible, since it could be harmful to his health, even causing death. Thanks to the support of our donors, we were able to help this young man to recover his health, covering all the costs from surgery, preoperative exams and medications, Francisco currently enjoys an excellent health and has the opportunity to grow, study and fight once again to achieve his dreams.

In the community of ¨Covadonga¨ located in Suchitepequez, Living Heritage has trained health promoters, so a specialist doctor with knowledge in community medicine is responsible for providing training, so that these promoters can support their community with knowledge about disease prevention, as well as providing first aid, detecting critical cases and know the entities to which they can refer people with health complications. The promoters also participate actively in medical journeys that are held in their community, assisting the medical team and training in new subjects, which is why these promoters support the community, providing them attention and responding to cases that should be treated urgently.





How can I help?

You can collaborate with us in the following ways:

  • Contributing to the cost of medicines from $XX
  • Contributing to our health fund to help patients of critical medical cases and resource mobilization from $XX
  • Contributing to the logistics cost of specialists to conduct a medical campaign in a community from. $XX
  • Contributing with the total cost of the medication a medical journey in a community from. $XX
  • Or if you have medical knowledge, participating as a volunteer