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Our Infrastructure project contributes to improve the conditions of public schools and multipurpose buildings in rural communities, promoting the completion of construction and improvement of the basic infrastructure or expanding it.

The goal is to improve the conditions for students of rural areas and create an environment that allows them to fully develop their potential, contributing to creating a worthy social and work environment for any human being.

Furthermore, promote the construction or expansion of infrastructure projects for the development of creative, cultural and sports activities that favor community life and social connection, projecting society with a positive impact creating agents of change within them.

In most cases, public schools in rural areas do not have sufficient financial resources and for this reason, their facilities are precarious.

There are critical cases where the buildings represent a danger to those who use them. In some circumstances, sadly considered usual in distant communities. The student population cannot count on any type of infrastructure, making the shadow of a tree and some rocks its place of study.

The participation of local actors who participate actively in each community, together with LHF and the volunteer teams, from the prioritization of projects to their execution and maintenance is crucial.


La Soledad Community: ¨The chicken coop school¨

The school’s infrastructure was in poor condition and people from other communities used to call it the Chicken coop school due to its appearance. This basic institute of the community has been transformed after receiving help from the voluntary groups from Living Heritage Foundation. The old facilities were demolished and currently have concrete classrooms well illuminated and adequate to fit their needs. Thanks to these improvements, we can emphasize that the teaching staff has shared that the percentage of students enrolled in this school has increased in 2019, generating progress of all kinds for the school, students, teachers, and the community, building new ways for their development and growth.

Community of Los Juarez:

In this community the primary school was in poor condition, during the first visit we made, it was determined that it was in a place of risk since it was located at the edge of a cliff, which meant a danger to those who used it since it was in very bad condition.

This project was prioritized due to the precarious conditions for the children and the danger of its location. With the support from volunteer teams from Living Heritage Foundation, through our infrastructure program and thanks to the donation of land by the community, the construction of a classroom in a different location was carried out, additionally building a basketball/soccer field as part of the recreation area for the student population and their teachers.


La Soledad Community: ¨The chicken coop school¨

How can I help?

– Contributing to our infrastructure logistics fund from $xx
– Contributing to the construction fund from $xx
– Contributing to the partial cost of the materials to be used in a project from $xx
– Or if you want to help, participating as a volunteer